NOVOTRANS 2012  Transport Week
08 June 2015
Novorossiysk (Russia)
I International Conference
«Grain Cargo Logistics 2015»
7 October 2015
St.Peterburg (Russia)
I International Conference
«Seafarers’ Training and Employment 2015»
8 October 2015
St.Peterburg (Russia)
I International Conference
«Tank Storage Russia 2015»
9 October 2015
St.Peterburg (Russia)
I International Conference
«Tanker Fleet 2015»


I International Transport Conferences

«Seafarers’ Training and Employment 2015»

We are pleased to announce the «Seafarers’ Training and Employment» Conference, October, 7, Saint-Petersburg.

Russia and Ukraine are the largest suppliers of labor resources for shipowners all over the world with a trend of further development. Thus, since 1990 Eastern European countries have shown an utmost relative growth of officers’ number. That being said, in 1995-2010 the number of Ukrainian officers in the global labor market rose by 2.5. Therefore, system of seafarers’ education, retraining and employment system in these countries shall be flexible and urgent in reacting to all changes in this sphere. Moreover, shipping branch is likely to face a tricky future. There are also internal problems, the main of which – is the reducing popularity of seafarer’s profession.

The Conference is aimed to become a platform on which all participants will be able to gather together and discuss the most relevant branch issues.

Among the main topics:

  • world supply and demand in the sphere of seafarers’ employment
  • training of crews to fight piracy
  • status of professional education system in CIS and Baltic countries
  • changes to legislation and improvement of seafarers’ employment system.
The Conference shall initiate the up-to-date requirements to seafarers’ training, boost exchanging experience between the leading specialists, elaborate recommendations to improve education and retraining quality and discuss the issues of how to enhance the seafarers’ employment system and their social security.


Hotel “Holiday Inn Moskovskye Vorota”. It’s a modern 4-star hotel located in the central part of Saint-Petersburg, just 15 minutes ride from the Hermitage and Nevsky Prospekt. The metro station is just two steps away. Here you will find the Soviet cuisine restaurant, steak house, night club and two bars. Parking is available.

97Ŕ, Moskovsky Prospekt, Saint-Petersburg, 196084, Russia

T: +7 812 448 71 71

F: +7 812 448 71 72

Hotel is conveniently situated in a cozy housing complex of central Saint-Petersburg. Just across the venue you will find the metro station Moskovskye Vorota from where it will take you only 10 minutes to reach Nevsky Prospekt, the Hermitage and other sights. Pulkovo airport is 10km away and Moskovsky station is just 5km away.