NOVOTRANS 2012  Transport Week
08 June 2015
Novorossiysk (Russia)
I International Conference
«Grain Cargo Logistics 2015»
7 October 2015
St.Peterburg (Russia)
I International Conference
«Seafarers’ Training and Employment 2015»
8 October 2015
St.Peterburg (Russia)
I International Conference
«Tank Storage Russia 2015»
9 October 2015
St.Peterburg (Russia)
I International Conference
«Tanker Fleet 2015»


I International Transport Conferences

«Tank Storage Russia 2015»

Invited to participate in the I International Conference Tank Storage Russia, October 8, 2015, Saint Petersburg, the hotel "Holiday Inn Moscow Gates."

A key part of the export logistics of various bulk cargoes - are transshipment complex (reservoir capacity) to ensure the accumulation of significant amounts of raw materials for transhipment to tankers. In Russia, do not stop work on the expansion of existing terminal facilities and construction of new ones. Of recent projects can remember commissioning Black Sea terminal "Tamanneftegas" expansion pipeline project "CPC-R" construction "New Port" and the port of Sabetta in Yamal, the construction of onshore facilities in Kalmykia for receiving oil from fields in the North Caspian, etc .

Export terminals only part of the existing diversity of tank farms in Russia, which in the long term has a positive trend thanks to the development of plans to expand capacity for production, processing and transportation of oil and gas products. There is also a great need for repair and renovation of the tank and storage equipment.

Conference Tank Storage Russia in 2015 is designed to familiarize the participants with the achievements in the field of storage, handling and accounting for various types of liquid cargo, such as oil, petroleum products, fertilizer and liquefied gases.

Conference topics include:

  • design, construction, maintenance and reconstruction neftegazohranilisch;
  • Corrosion Control;
  • oil spill response;
  • monitoring, inspection, testing;
  • technology and service on tank cleaning;
  • modern safety technology and environmental protection.
To participate in the conference invited experts companies specializing in the design and construction of reservoirs, production and operation of tank equipment, the adjacent surface and underground infrastructure.