NOVOTRANS 2012  Transport Week
14 May 2012
IV Conference
Black Sea Container and Ro-Ro Transportation
15 May 2012
II Conference
Reefer Cargo Logistics: Russia, Baltic, CIS
16 May 2012
III Conference
Development Trends of Black and Azov Sea Ports
17 May 2012
VI Conference
Port and Terminal Infrastructure Development


We are pleased to announce the 1st International Transport Week NOVOTRANS 2012 to be held on 14 18 May 2012 in Novorossiysk, resort village Abrau Durso.

Despite successful geographical position of Russia and developed system of sea ports, a definite part of cargoes is sent bypassing Russian stevedores. One of the main competitors in this market is Ukraine. Furthermore, European Union has been financing TRACECA Project for several years its main objective is to develop transit route system to Central Asia avoiding Russia.

In reply to this competition we must provide for higher quality of service in Russian ports and consequent development of throughput capacity along highways and railways. How should these tasks be implemented? What direction should our Government take and how shall we use our own transport facilities in common international network? These and other issues will be discussed at Transport Week in Novorossiysk.

NOVOTRANS 2012 - is a unique platform combining the largest and most considerable business events in the South of Russia. The only place will boost favorable conditions for efficient communication of all parties concerned.

Within the framework of Transport Week we are glad to offer you our traditional conferences as well as new events:

  • 14th May - IV Black Sea Container and Ro-Ro Transportation
  • 15th May - I Russian Shipbrokers Forum
  • 16th May - III Development Trends of Black and Azov Sea Ports
  • 17th May - VI Port and Terminal Infrastructure Development
Russian and English are going to be the official languages of all events. Simultaneous translation will be provided by Organizing Committee.


Transport week is going to be held in the resort suburb of Novorossiysk, the largest port of Russia, in Congress-Hall Abrau-Durso.

The village of Abrau Durso the former tsars estate is located 14km to the West of Novorossiysk at Abrau Lake. It is often called Russian Switzerland due to all its beauties. The village is the home for the largest and oldest Russian manufacturer of sparkling wines Abrau-Durso which uses classical technology of champagnization. Our attendees are welcome to enjoy a guiding tour in this champagne plant on 11th May.
Venue of the Transport Conferences

Venue of the Transport Conferences

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